Second Chances
-Welcome to my hidden world. Here you don't have to pretend, you won't be judged. -Life is a blessing give thanks! -Tomorrow is never promised live today up! -I'm barely 20 don't ask me about things I have yet to experience. -I admit I'm reckless, but I'm me. -We all hide things & we are all suffering from something, just understand, respect & love..


Juan Tristan Castillo

March 12, 2012






Hilary Duff at Marqueen Nightclub tonight.

Omg from now on every photograph she looks like a mixture of Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian

*Beyonce voice* this is so crazy

She’s perf


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"Love a woman whose presence commands respect. Graceful in every way."



She’s beautiful,
and therefore to be wooed.
She is a woman,
therefore to be won.

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"love a man whose nature celebrates your existence even when space forms. raw in every aspect of honesty, i pray love him hard"
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Rest in Peace Robin

"it is both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so deeply"